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Tomato costume – make one or buy one

by Clyde

If you are a tomato lover or a gardener, it would be fun for you to make a tomato costume. The fun fact is that you can grow this tomato even in the off-season. Dressing up like a tomato looks cute, especially for children. You can also invite your relatives or friends of your son or daughter and ask them to dress up like tomatoes. They will look like a cute bushel. So, what do you have to do to get a tomato costume? You can either make it or get it from online stores. Several stores are selling tomato costumes for children as well as adults. You can buy of your size and can have fun with your friends and relatives.

How can you make a tomato costume?

Although it will not give a perfect tomato shape, you can try making it if you don’t want to buy the costume. Here are some of the things to follow for making it.

  • First, you have to get a red hooded sweatshirt. If you are making it for a child, you should use a size bigger than his body size.
  • Get green felt; you will use it in making the leaves.
  • Get some stacks of newspapers.
  • Get the shoelace; the size should be double the waist of the costume wearer.
  • Red and green pipe cleaner, scissors, hot glue gun, large safety pins and pillowcases.
  • Red leggings, tights or sweatpants and a turtle neck or long-sleeved shirt to complete the costume.
  • Green or red bedroom slippers, ballet shoes, sneakers or clown shoes.

What do you have to do?

  • First of all, you have to prepare the body of the tomato. For making that cut the sleeves of the hooded sweatshirt and fold it inside. After that, secure the armholes with hot glue, cut the piece of poly-fil batting, fix it on the front, and glue the armholes and neck side. Repeat the same process for the inside part of the sweatshirt. Now slit the hooded sweatshirt from the center and stuff it with newspapers or any other lightweight, soft material. You will get a round shape by doing this.
  • Next, prepare the tomato leaves. Trim the green felt and make a hole in the middle for the wearer’s neck to pass. Cut the deep points so that they can look like the actual leave.
  • The third step is to prepare the beanie. Use the already cut sleeves for the wearer’s head and use a green pipe cleaner to twist them together. After doing that, secure it with hot glue.
  • Lastly, you have to assemble the costume. Stuff 4-6 pillowcases for the belly part. However, the number of pillowcases depends upon the size of the wearer. You can stuff them with wadded newspapers or poly-fil. Now allow the child to wear the prepared sweatshirt and fill those pillowcases. With the help of a string, you have to secure it. Before that, adjust the stuffing to the desired place. At last, use safety pins to secure it at the back and wear slippers to complete the costume.

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