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Top 3 Ways to Get Free FUT Coins

by Clyde

FIFA is a highly visualized EA sports released soccer game which is top rated amongst the world’s most famous and played games. People from across the globe have been playing this game individually, in multiplayer, and squads. In this game, there are many modes, and each one of these can work when the gamer builds a team based on a certain number of players.

One way in which you can build your own squad is by training prospects through your academy, but this method is proven insufficient. The other process of building a team is via earned coins in the game. So, to save you the hassle, we have listed the top three methods to obtain free fut coins.

Clear Objectives and Complete Squad Building Challenges

One of the significant fun things to do in the FIFA ultimate team is the SBC challenges, also commonly called the squad building challenges. There are hundreds of fantastic and entertaining levels that are released, and there are very high rewards upon completing these step by step as you go ahead. These rewards include hundreds of coins, many great and active players, as well as cosmetics which also has the team kit and several other outfits.

When you start the lower challenges, the game provides you with basic players who will make up your temporary team to compete in those challenges. When you complete these tasks, you will be getting the reward, and then you will be promoted into the league challenges, which will provide you with tradable reward packs. Fortunately, these packs will have high prizes like a trainer of the players, and you will also be permitted to trade them for coins.

Coin Boosts

Coin boost is one of the best methods in FIFA by which you can spike up your account balance instantly at the season’s start. To earn these boost coins without any hassle, you can complete the objectives and focus on earning the XP’S. These coin boosts will be seen as extra coins as they will be separate from the earnings of the matches.

Coin boosts are very beneficial, and they can range up to 1000 extra coins, excluding your match earnings. The best thing about these coins is that they are stackable and can last up to 15 games. If you keep on collecting them, you can use them all together to buy a massive total of coins.

Sell Unused Consumables and Trade Well

To master FIFA, one has to be excellent in the trading field because this will help you in acquiring quicker fut coins and filling up your FIFA bank account. When you keep an eye on the trading patterns, you will notice that the prices of different players keep on fluctuating on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. Learning when to bid when the cost of the player is low and sell when the prices have risen can get you very far in the game.

Finally, selling the consumables that are extra and unused can get you a butt load of fut coins. All you have to do is study them thoroughly by checking their prices and putting them up for sale. This will prove very profitable for you.

Bottom line

We hope this article has helped you greatly in figuring out the best suitable method for you through which you can earn a considerable sum of free fut coins to establish the best team for the challenges and other modes that you love to play often. By buying the best players for your team, you will be winning a lot more matches, and your winning rate with be higher than ever. Not to mention the cool rewards that you will get out of this!

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