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What is a pellet mill machine

by Clyde

A pellet mill machine, referred to as a pellet mill or wood pellet machine, is a piece of standalone production equipment for making wood pellets, based on the wood sawdust, and wood chips. The machine is a piece of specialized equipment that turns the raw materials into pellets with high efficiency.

The biomass pellet machine is the most advanced wood pellet mill machine nowadays. It is constructed and operated according to state-of-the-art technology, using computerized control of the whole production process. A biomass pellet machine can process green sawdust or thin branches up to a diameter of 45 mm, yielding pellets of the size 7x16x8 mm.

It is a highly efficient Wood Pellet Machine that has been designed and created by its experienced engineers who know about the entire process involved in designing an ideal wood pellet machine.

How Many Categories Are Wood Pellet Mill Machines Divided Into?

They can be divided into three categories according to their production methods. The categories include dry-type, semi-dry type, and wet type:

There are two main types of dry-type wood pellet mill: drum type and roller type. The former consists of a cylindrical shell with an internal cavity, which is commonly called a “drum”. The latter is composed of several rollers arranged parallel to each other by means of gears and shafts.

The raw material enters from one end of the cavity and exits from another end after being crushed by rotary knives or rollers within the space between them. Semi-dry type wood pellet machine

Semi-dry type wood pellet mill also has two main types:

double shaft roller mill and double shaft knife mill. Double shaft knife mills consist mainly of knives (rotary blades), hopper (feeder), conveyor belt, rotating tires (rollers), support base plate

The Main Features of a Wood Pellet Mill Machine

There are many different types of wood pellet mills out there but they all have some common features like:

  • They include an automatic feeder system which makes it easy to feed the raw materials into the machine without having to manually do so yourself.
  • They have variable speed drives that allow you to control how fast or slow your pellets will come out of the machine (this helps improve efficiency)
  • They also have automatic temperature controls which allows you to regulate how hot your finished product should be

Other features include:

The power source for the wood pellet mill machine can be either electric or diesel. The diesel engine is preferred as it gives more power to the machine.

The size of the machine depends on the capacity required by the customer and also on their budget. If you need a large capacity then you will have to opt for bigger machines, which are more expensive than small ones.

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