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Common Tricks and Tips to Starting Pressure Washers

by Clyde

Are you looking for a pressure washer that starts easily and runs smoothly? You may want to consider using a spark plug.

A spark plug is an important part of any electric start pressure washer. It helps ignite the fuel in the combustion chamber, which causes a small explosion that creates pressure. This pressure then turns into energy.

Pressure washers use gasoline or diesel fuel to power their engines, which are either two-stroke or four-stroke cycles. The difference between these two types of engines is how they get their fuel mixed with air before it enters the combustion chamber.

In a two-stroke engine, one stroke is used to compress air into a cylinder behind the piston (the “compression stroke”) while another stroke compresses fuel/air mixture into the same cylinder (the “power stroke”). When this happens, it creates enough force to push the piston back down again on its return stroke (known as “exhaust”).

Starting a Pressure Washer

So, you have a pressure washer and now you’re wondering how to start it. There are a lot of pressure washers out there and every one is different, but most can be started in the same way. Here are some tips for starting your pressure washer:

1) Do not start your engine while still connected to the water source! If you’re familiar with basic car maintenance, then this tip will seem very familiar. You should never start your vehicle while connected to any kind of power source like jumper cables or an electric charger. The same goes for pressure washers – never start your engine while still connected to a water source (like a garden hose). Doing so could cause serious damage to both your engine and the hoses.

2) Make sure that there is enough water in your tank! Not all pressure washers come with gauges on their tanks, but if yours does then make sure that there is enough water before trying to start it up.

3) Ensure that your fuel tank is full enough to run the engine for at least 30 minutes without stopping. Some engines will require more than others depending on their size and power requirements, but this should give you enough time to do what you need without stopping for another fill-up. If you’re unsure how much fuel is in your tank, simply turn off the gas valve and use a dipstick or other measuring device to see how much gas is left in your tank.

4) Check your oil level so that it doesn’t get too low while running your engine. You’ll want to check this before every use of the machine as well as before each season of use if possible because it’s easy to forget about until later when it’s too late! It’s also important because an engine will burn oil if it runs out of gas.


Starting a pressure washer is not as simple and straightforward as starting some gas-powered yard equipment. Pressure washers are different, because they use water and pressurized detergents to clean items. So, your first step to starting a pressure washer requires that you get the engine started and create enough pressure in the lines to be able to run the machine

Therefore, to be able to use a pressure washer, you must know the basics of starting one up. Believe it or not, there are tricks that you can apply to it in order to give you a better chance of starting your machine successfully. All of these tricks are basic things that you must include when starting up your pressure washer. Check out newer models on Giraffetools collections and see how their ignition is.

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